box   box

Box    Large Size: 150 x 150 x 70mm

                   Medium Size: 130 x 130 x 60mm

               Small Size: 100 x 100 x 50mm

box   box       box



                   for lining

boxLarge Size: 145 x 145mm,
Medium size: 125 x 125mm,
Small size: 95 x 95mm

                       for lid and bottom

Large Size: 150 x 150mm,
Medium Size: 130 x 130mm

Small Size: 100 x 100mm




cardboard for lining
Large: 471 x 85mm,  Medium: 408 x 75mm, Small: 314 x 65mm



    cardboard for side
Large: 482x 95mm, Medium: 417 x 85mm, Small: 323 x 75mm



               box   Large Size: 180 x 180mm, Medium: 160 x 160mm, Small: 130 x 130mm 

                  box  Large Size: 490 x 115mm, Medium: 428 x 105mm, Small: 334 x 95mm


        Step 1

Stick together a side and a bottom                 box

       Step 2                                                                Sew parts with an embroidery and pull on a skeleton   

box         box               box    box

          Step 3                                                                          Fit a fabric the second bottom and glue it to the bottom 

box     box       box


             Step 4, 5                                                                    put a lining inside 

box           box    box

                  Step 6                                                               Put inside third bottom 

box    box        box

                       Step 7, 8, 9                                                   Stick together lid and lining  

                  box                          box boxbox               box


box       box